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Edward Holman
Poetry pg.4
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The Great Fire
My voice could not be heard above
ebullition of the land.
My humanity could not decipher
freedom.  And my will was stricken
the terror of itself.
A terror, who but I, belonged to.

My mind was not sure what form of
creature had garbled the ground.
Or whether my horror was part of its

I considered I knew the sun and
wind.  But decided they didn't
know me.

They were distant metaphors
the end of everything.  Moving in
sky as animals who run for
no apparent reason.

How do we run?

Floods inside my body covered the
of me and winter mountains washed
my eyes.

The floods told me how to find love.
"Flow," they said.  "Let love flow

The mountains told me how I
would be known.
"Stand,"they said.
"Stand inside yourself."
Sanctity without hope.
Worship without prayer.
Solidity without boundaries.

I considered I knew the mountains,
but decided they didn't know me.

The Great Fire was mighty in my
but it would not fall from the cross.

The Great Fire was unparalleled in
my tears yet they would no longer
melt the kingdom of my endurance.

The Great FIre made me exist until I
created beauty from frozen ashes.

It would not tell me the meaning of
ecstasy or pain or whether love
could be satisfied buried in ruins.

Then would I march through the
universe and find love whispering

I thought the Great Fire must be fate
which had forgotten the mission.
The perfect weapon missing the
perfect target.

It had to be doors opening and
with no one coming in and no one

Yet these interpretations were
from my wishes, and as I saw them
come to pass, The Great Fire
encircled me and
poured out promises which
protected me from the nature of

Truth I considered I created but
decided, didn't know me.




The storm is up to fill this cup.

These works, my food.

My hands show me they do not

bleed like memories.


I will be my hands.

I see them. They hold me.

They breathe for me and

tend to me. 

They feed me.

They are on fire.


I will start to walk upon them

again - then run - then fly.


My hands are lovers praying for marriage.


Fear not hands.  Somehow you shall

hold each other without judgement.


You will be lovers left alone.


Fear not hands.


Hold me.

Breathe for me.

Tend to me.


Wash me 

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